Intimate Wedding | June 12th, 2020

Are you a bride during the 2020 Quarantine? Are you considering eloping instead of all your big wedding plans? We have all noticed that this year has not gone to plan, especially brides’ wedding days. With families not wanting to fly or travel, a lot of brides are deciding to still keep their big day and do a smaller party. Some brides are even doing an intimate style elopement and saving a big wedding for next year.


I hold intimate weddings near and dear to my heart. There is something special about saying your vows to your person and just having your loved ones watch. It might not be the day you envisioned with all the bells and whistles attached, but who is to say what is right or wrong about a wedding and how to do it. A wedding day is called a wedding “day” for a reason. Don’t skip out on your special day. Make memories with your hunny that last a lifetime.

Reid and her brand new hubby Carson had the hard decision of whether or not to postpone their wedding or elope and keep their wedding date. They finally decided to elope and have an intimate wedding in a wine cellar bar in downtown Dallas called Checkered Past Winery. It was more than perfect! They got to say their vows in front of all of their family and friends. Their day couldn’t have been anymore perfect for them and what really matters is; LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

If you are on the fence of wanting to have a big wedding or to do something smaller and intimate, here are all the pros for downsizing your wedding plan:

  • Affordable
  • Stress free wedding
  • More intimate feel with all your loved ones
  • All your closest friends & family can come vs feeling worried or scared in big crowds
  • Create an experience that lasts a lifetime
  • You can go to a unique location that is significant to you

If you are a bride considering eloping or having a smaller wedding, I would love to show you what a special intimate elopement day can look like.

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