bride and groom kissing in Salt Flats

Trying to decided where to elope at? Are all the destinations too dreamy to make up your mind? I have just the place for you and its just two hours outside Salt Lake City: The Bonneville Salt Falts.

The Bonneville Salt Falts in Utah is the perfect intimate place. The wide open range of the salt flats gives the perfect private and intimate moment to say your vows. The salt on the ground causes for the perfect reflection against the mountain range that gives every photographer chills. It is a wide open space that goes on for miles and is just dreamy to stare off in the distance.

Girl and boy in Bonneville Salt Flats

Some tips to know before adventuring to the Bonneville Salt Falts;

  • ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPARE TIRE. Yes that is right, we ended up getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and what we learned was hiring a tow company was not cheap out in the flats.
  • Do not drive too far off in the distance of the salt flats you will get stuck!!! If it doesn’t look like hard salt, DON’T DRIVE ON IT. There are a ton of cars daily who get stuck driving around because the salt gets mushy and sinks the cars. Tow companies raise the prices to come out to the flats so be careful where you drive off in the distance, too.
  • Bring a towel for your couple. It gets pretty salty out there and when your couple is jumping/walking/running in the salt, it gets everywhere.
  • Make sure to wear and bring sunscreen. The reflection of the mountains is really bright and will reflect the sun rays.
  • Always bring snacks or drinks. There is only one gas station that is near the flats and one Indian Restaurant in that gas station so come prepared because there are not much options to eat or drink.

Don't for get to bring your tequila, the salt is provided!!!

I love helping couples design a romantic elopement that fits THEM. If you are thinking of eloping or planning an adventure session in Utah, email me for more information how to make your dream come true in a magical destination.

Dress | BHLDN

Florals | The.Block.Florist by Whitney De Groot

Hat | Gigi pip

Earrings | Sunrise.Arizona

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