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Mountain Elopement at Mount Rainier | Packwood, WA


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April 14, 2021

Rachel and Kyle’s recent mountain elopement at Mount Rainier was the perfect example of the kind of adventure elopements that I absolutely love.


Their Mountain Elopement

When I first met Rachel, she really wanted Mount Rainier in the backdrop of their elopement location. She and Kyle actually both grew up in Washington and adore being in the mountains. So Mount Rainier is very sentimental to them! Kyle grew up snowboarding at White Pass, with a family cabin in Packwood, WA. He was super familiar with the spot where they eloped, since he knew the area so well.

Having a mountain elopement was a no-brainer for these two. Their love for the mountains + less stress around planning + no worries about inviting the right/wrong people made for their perfect celebration.

bride and groom at mount rainier

Eloping at Mount Rainier National Park – What to Consider

If you’re thinking about eloping at Mount Rainier National Park, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. Click each title for a link to more details on the National Park Service’s website!:


1. Weather

The weather at Mount Rainier can really vary, but it’s obviously usually on the cooler side since you are in the mountains. You’ll find the warmest and driest weather in July and August but should always be prepared for a rainy day. In the summertime, highs are usually in the 60s-70s, but a rainstorm or heavy breeze can change that significantly.

So always make sure to bring along rain gear and extra clothes just in case! You can find the current weather on the National Park Service’s website.


2. Road Conditions

Speaking of weather, the road conditions going to + around Mount Rainier will vary hugely depending on the season. It’s something you have to be very mindful of and prepare for when planning what time of year you’ll be eloping!

Since the weather can change so easily at Rainier and in the surrounding areas, you always need to be prepared for varying conditions. If it suddenly becomes snowy or it rains when the temperature is freezing, the roads can become super slick, icy, and dangerous in the blink of an eye. The last thing you want is to get stuck on the way to/from your elopement!

Always have extra tires and chains in your car, as well as emergency gear like blankets, snacks, and a first-aid kit. You’re actually required to carry chains when driving through the national park from November 1st to May 1st!

You also need to be mindful of construction/road closures even if they aren’t due to weather. You can see current road statuses here!


3. Operating Hours + Seasons

I’d hate for you to arrive at the park only to find that the spot you wanted to visit is closed. So it’s important you do your research on the operating hours of where you want to go and pay attention to the season you’ll be there in! You can find the current statuses/operating hours of parts of Mount Rainier National Park here.


4. Permits

In order to keep the park safe, clean, and not overpopulated, you need to research what kind of permit(s) you may need for your elopement, as well as the vendors you’ll be bringing along. Look into not only parking/entrance fees but also special event permits and passes you’ll need in order to legally hold your elopement/wedding there.


Visit the National Park Service’s website for more in-depth details!


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An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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