Austyn and David had the biggest news to share to all their friends and family after living in Boston for almost three years, THEY BOUGHT A HOME BACK HOME IN ARIZONA! We had a sunrise desert shoot where they ran, laughed, smoothed, jumped around as we explored the desert fields right out side their new home.

Now let’s back track through memory lane, how Austyn and David got here!

How they Met

Austyn moved to Arizona back in 2012 originally being from Lake Tapps, Washington. Fun Fact: Me and Austyn are childhood friends from Washington. I was there the night Austyn met David for the first time. It was New Years Eve almost five years ago when she came home from the bars telling us, “Guys, I met my husband,”! Austyn and David were in love at first site, LITERALLY! They started dating right after they met having a long distance relationship where Austyn was living in California at the time for work and David was at grad school at U of A. The rest of the story is history!

The Couple

Austyn and David were perfect for each other the second they laid eyes on one another. They share a deep connection with one another and it shows! They compliment each other so well, I mean look at them!

Sunrise Desert Shoot Inspiration

Austyn and David have been living downtown Boston for almost three years, and they knew they wanted to move back to Arizona where their friends and families were. So they wanted to show off their new home landscape with a sunrise desert shoot. They wanted to show the cactus, the desert plants, rocks and wild terrain along with their new home and their dog Ottis. They wanted to shoot during sunrise because every other morning, hot air balloons will be floating in the area and landing right outside their new house. David took Austyn once to New Mexico’s Balloon Festival when they were dating and hot air balloons will always be something special to them. To live right outside where the balloons float and land, it’s truly magical!

Hot Air Balloon Recommendations:

Here are my top 5 hot air balloon companies in Northern Phoenix that take you on rides;

Rainbow Ryders

Phoenix Hot Air Expeditions 

Apex Balloons

Firebird Balloons

Float Ballon Tours

No Matter Where life Takes Us

I was there when Austyn and David said, “I DO”! Now, I get to be there when they start their newest adventure of being back in Arizona as home owners!

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