A Golf-Inspired Wedding at Tonto Verde Golf Club


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July 12, 2023

Dreaming of a wedding that combines your love for each other with a shared passion for golf? Look no further than Charlie and Vivian’s unforgettable wedding at Tonto Verde Golf Club in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Their love story began on the golf course, and they decided to incorporate their passion for the game into their special day.

Join me as I take you through the highlights of this extraordinary wedding and provide some golf-inspired pose ideas for your own wedding day.

Arizona-based Wedding Photographer, Annette Ambrose Photography, shares a golf-inspired wedding at Tonto Verde Golf Club


The Perfect Venue

Located at 18401 E. El Circulo Drive in Rio Verde, Arizona, Tonto Verde Golf Club provided the ideal backdrop for Charlie and Vivian’s celebration.

This luxurious golf course is nestled in the North Scottsdale area, surrounded by the beauty of the desert and offering breathtaking views of the Tonto National Forest. As a private golf community, Tonto Verde hosts only a limited number of weddings each year, making it an exclusive and sought-after location.

A Hole Lotta Love at Tonto Verde Golf Club

Charlie and Vivian’s love for golf shines through in every aspect of their wedding. From the engagement to the planning process, it took them less than three months to create a memorable event.

Being members of the Tonto Verde golf community made the venue selection a breeze for them. Their decision to have the ceremony on the putting green added a unique touch to the celebration, with the stunning Tonto Verde National Forest Mountains and desert landscape as a picturesque backdrop.

Golf-Inspired Photography

When meeting with Vivian to discuss their wedding photography, it was clear that she wanted their love for golf to be evident in the photos. The couple wanted to capture the essence of their relationship and the fun they had together on the golf course.

From playful poses with golf clubs to shots of them putting together, their photos truly reflected their dynamic personalities and shared love for the game.


If you’re considering adding a touch of golf to your wedding photos, here are some fantastic pose ideas inspired by Charlie and Vivian’s special day:

  • Both pretending to hit the ball
  • Bring your Golf Cart and put a “Just Married” sign on it
  • Pretend you are putting with your partner egging you on
  • Couple putting together
  • Put a tee in your partner’s mouth and pretend to hit the ball while they lie on the ground with the tee in their mouth

The Unique Reception

After a heartwarming ceremony, the reception kicked off with a vibrant Venezuelan tradition called “La Hora Loco.” This is also known as the crazy hour. It was a lively segment featured a mix of Venezuelan songs. Charlie and Vivian provided hats, masks, fun glasses, and light-up wands for their guests to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The party truly came alive, with everyone dancing and celebrating. To enhance the authenticity of the experience, a live band flown in from Miami played authentic Venezuelan music throughout the evening.

Capturing the Memories at the Tonto Verde Golf Club

As a wedding photographer, capturing the joy and individuality of each couple is a privilege. Charlie and Vivian’s wedding was particularly special, as they embraced their love for golf and let their personalities shine through.

The photos came to life with their creativity and enthusiasm. They showcased their unique bond and provided lasting memories of their special day.

Trust me, it will be magical!

If you’re a golf enthusiast or simply want to incorporate your passions into your wedding, take inspiration from Charlie and Vivian’s unforgettable golf-themed celebration at Tonto Verde Golf Club. Consider adding a touch of golf to your own wedding day, and let your love story unfold in a way that truly reflects who you are as a couple

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Tonto Verde Golf Club Wedding Vendors

Venue | Tonto Verde Golf Club

Florist | The Floral Theory

Makeup | Laura Cortex

Hair | Antonio Estrada

Dress | Enzo Kofi

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