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Hi new friends,

Annette, here! A couple years ago I started my own business of Annette Ambrose Photography. This is my very first blog post ever while I am feeling all the emotions, I am also so excited to share this journey with you guys. 


I am excited to showcase my travels over the years and my newest adventure of wedding photography. I am a flight attendant who has been traveling the world the last seven years making my own experiences who shifted into the wedding industry documenting other peoples experiences. To me, traveling is something special and it’s about life experiences. I want to be able to give others tips and tricks I have found while traveling and share some funny stories when I was abroad (I started young traveling).

I live for personal experiences & interactions. I am a travel enthusiast and I love being around others and being someones #1 cheerleader. Whether you are seeking forests, cliffs, or coastlines, I am here to tell your story and mine. Exited to have you on this journey with me.


Annette A.

girl in wadi rum walking

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