How do you tell your family you are eloping? Usually, that is a huge question most couples have to deal with. The term of eloping has changed over the years. It can mean a different meaning to a lot of people.

What does Elopement mean to you?

An elopement is an intimate ceremony with a couple that is anywhere they hold near and dear to their hearts. It is more personable and intimate with less people and can be anywhere you want it to be. It can be a backyard, a beach, park, or cliff. It can be a place you have an emotional connection with or a place you want to experience for the first time with your lover.

Traditions are changing. Couples are starting to elope more and more with recent events in the air. Couples are wanting to create an experience with their lover that is more intimate.

Karenn and John decided to elope in Corpus Christi, Texas. The thought of not being able to celebrate one of the best days of their lives with their family was upsetting but it didn’t make their commitment any less meaningful to each other. Karenn and John loved the idea of privacy and intimacy. They wanted a moment of just them saying their vows and commitments to each other.

Elopements are wedding days that are just as important; you just have more flexibility of planning everything YOU want to do and enjoy the day how YOU want to enjoy it with no stress.

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