Adventure Engagement | July 10th, 2020

El Cosmico Engagement

Shannon and Evan wanted an adventure for their engagement. Marfa spoke out to them when they were looking at places to take their photos. West Texas has a very unique terrain that has something magical and special about it. Adventure sessions are my absolute favorite! It’s always a blast taking pretty pictures, exploring new towns, and creating memories together. I love hanging out with my couples in wild spaces.

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Marfa is not a big town. It only has one main street with a couple side streets of restaurants and retail. There are only a few hotels or camping sites visitors can stay at. There is one glamping campsite that is famous in the town called, “El Cosmico”. Tourists love to come and stay here in various tee-pee tents, air streams, or safari tents. It gives Marfa its characteristics and charm. El Cosmico does book out far in advance so if you are planning to stay here make sure to plan ahead.

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Fun fact about Marfa: has anyone heard of Marfa Lights? (Yes it’s a thing) They are mysterious glowing orbs that appear in the desert outside of town and have mystified people for generations. They are also known as Ghost lights.

Not far from the town of Marfa is Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is located about three hours south east of Marfa bordering Mexico. It is a beautiful open space park where you can go on various hikes and it just gives you the Arizona desert feel. It is one of the largest State Parks in Texas which people come from all over to visit.

Big Bend Elopement
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Big Bend Engagement

Reasons to Visit Marfa, TX:

  • Marfa Lights
  • Unique restaurants and food
  • “Glamp” in El Cosmico or rent an Airbnb in the town
  • Go to Planet Marfa and visit with the locals under the teepee tent
  • Visit Big Bend for a day trip and hike
  • Walk around Main street and pop into the local stores
  • Visit the old Prada Store and the Stardust Motel sign
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Favorite Restaurants in Marfa:

  • Marfa Burritos is a MUST (breakfast)
  • Do Your Thing Coffee
  • Food Shark
  • Al Campo Wine Garden & Rustic Bistro
  • Aster Marfa
  • The Water Stop
  • Stellina


Prada Sign Marfa
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