Couples Shoot | September 12th, 2020

This week I got to go back to the place I grew up every summer, the Oregon coast. Being from Washington, I have a lot of family from Oregon so we spent our summers camping around the Oregon coast. It is one of my favorite places EVER. It felt so refreshing being by the ocean and relaxing capturing the wild-hearted.

The beach has always been my happy place and when Amber and Nick wanted to capture their love by the beach doing what they do best, surfing, I knew the perfect spot.

What a magical morning on the west coast this was. Amber and Nick were down to get in the freezing cold water which says something if you have ever touched the Pacific Ocean. They played in the water, splashed around with each other and even caught some waves on the board. The real magic happened when I photographed them being themselves.

Always keeping it funky in the Pacific Northwest!

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