If you’re looking for a great place to honeymoon and adventure with your partner, Lake Atitlán in Guatemala is an amazing option to consider. My friends and I took a trip there recently and I wanted to share all about what we did + the super fun honeymoon session I photographed there. Ready for some great Guatemala travel tips and to learn about honeymoon sessions?

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Where to Stay Near Lake Atitlán

We stayed in a gorgeous AirBnb on Lake Atitlán on our trip because we wanted a glam, cozy spot to vacation. This gorgeous villa overlooks the lake and features fun things like:

  • A sauna
  • A hot tub
  • A private swimming cove
  • Stand-up paddle-boards & kayaks
  • A wood-fired pizza oven

It was the perfect place to rest & relax and get the most out of our trip! The private swimming cove that the house offered was amazing for us to swim in. We laid in the sun, went paddleboarding, snorkeling, and went onto the water in canoes. It even had a dock to jump off of into the water!

The house is around three and a half hours from Guatemala City and was an amazing place for anybody on a honeymoon. We hired local chefs to cook for us in the house, which was super easy to do, and cooked pizzas in the wood-fire pizza oven during the day for lunch.

This house provided so many options for us and made it such an amazing trip.

Check out a bunch of photos I took of the Airbnb below!

airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala airbnb in Lake Atitlán Guatemala



Other Options

Here are some other great AirBnb’s in the area to check out for your own trip, with a few details & features included for each one:

  • Adobe Cabin
    • $99/night
    • 1 bed
    • 1 bath
    • Jacuzzi on the deck
    • Concierge on-call to help arrange activities for you
  • Glass House Lakefront Studio
    • $133/night
    • 1 bed
    • 1 bath
    • Private dock for swimming
    • Standup paddle-board
  • Lakeview Lodge
    • $84/night
    • 1 bed
    • 1 bath
    • Front deck with a hammock & lounge chairs
    • Garden
  • Luxurious Loft
    • $148/night
    • 3 bed
    • 1 bath
    • Balcony with a hammock & lounge space
    • Hot tub


One thing to keep in mind: you can only access the AirBnb’s by boat! So you’ll need to make plans for where to keep a car if you’re renting one.

We personally hired a van service to take us to & from our destinations, and hired a boat service to take us to the house we stayed in.


Next up: about this honeymoon session!


couple standing on dock


What is a Honeymoon Session?

A honeymoon session is basically just what it sounds like: a photo session on your honeymoon!

It’s something not many couples consider, but SHOULD in my opinion! Getting photos taken on your honeymoon is amazing because it’s when you and your new partner are totally over the moon about just having gotten married. You’re likely somewhere where you’re relaxing and having a blast, and truly being on such a high with each other. So why not have it documented?


You can do two things:

1. Hire a local photographer in the area you’ll be honeymooning in


2. Have your wedding photographer travel with you to your honeymoon destination.


You could dress up in your wedding clothes if you feel like it, or just have photos done in your normal clothes. If you’re somewhere tropical, do a shoot like this one below in your swimsuits and have a blast in the water! Whatever feels best to you and fits your personalities most: I totally encourage you to capture those highs of your honeymoon. Take a look at the super fun session we did – I bet you’ll be inspired to do your own!


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