As an Elopement Photographer, I am here to explain how to elope so that you can understand why you should try it!

It is no secret that elopements are very misunderstood. I mean, if you ask your grandparents, I am sure they would go off on a tangent about how elopements aren’t “real” weddings!

No offense to all of the grandparents out there… but they are incredibly “real” and are so misunderstood! Their negative connotation is a thing of the past, and I guess that I have made it my life’s mission to help people realize just how amazing elopement weddings can be!

What do you say?! Are you ready to get down to the nitty-gritty?!

Adventure Elopement in Anchorage Alaska


Eloping is an intimate wedding that requires minimal planning and focuses on the love you and your partner share!

These weddings are more personal than traditional weddings and can include anywhere from just the couple to no more than 30 people! The intimacy and simplicity allow you to have it anywhere and do whatever you want!

It is your chance to truly make your special day feel like you two as a couple!


Want to hear the KEY to a stress-free wedding? Elope! I have talked to countless couples who barely made it to their “normal” wedding with their relationship intact! Traditional Wedding planning is no joke! When you take the less traditional route (eloping) you cut out SO much of the stress!

Elopements also allow for you to make lasting memories that are meaningful to you and your significant other! Your vows and the experiences that you share are going to be just between the two of you. You truly get to focus on nothing else but the love you share, and I don’t know about you, but that alone is incredible!

Man kissing womens hands Man kissing women's hands Women and man holding hands in the meadow Man and women saying vows by Lake McDonald Man and women saying vows at lake


I have said this a few times already, but I am going to say it again because it is important!


That means you can truly make it what you want, but I know that sometimes narrowing down what you specifically want is tough! That’s why experienced creators are so important! We are dedicated to helping you create the day of your dreams!

I recommend hiring a wedding planner, coordinator, elopement photographer, etc. We help plan, location scout, prepare, create timelines, and so much more! If you’re considering eloping, then I am sure that you just want the experience and none of the logistics! And as an eloper, YOU DESERVE THAT!

Women writing vows in glamping vent

Women writing vows in the desert Man and women kissing in the desert Women holding mans hand during vows Women leaning head on mans shoulder Man and women kissing in the desert Man kissing women in Zion National Park



There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding elopement. One of those being that you can’t have the same things that you can with traditional weddings. I am here to tell you that that is the furthest thing from the truth! Elopements should be treated just as normal wedding days are.

That tear-jerking first look? We can make that happen! The bridal portraits and couples photos with an epic backdrop? That can be included too!  Scared to miss your first dance at the reception? That can be part of your special day! We can create it however you want to!

Man and women celebrating their elopement Man kissing women on the neck Elopement flowers during a hike Man and women's tattoos Man kissing womens neck in the mountains Man and women hiking elopement



Undoubtedly, this is my favorite question! During your elopement day, the activities you can do are endless! It all depends on what you like!

Here are some of my favorite options:

  1. Eating charcuterie while drinking champagne.
  2. Kayaking through a glacier after sharing your heartfelt vows.
  3. Hiking to your favorite viewpoints and having a picnic.
  4. Taking a seaplane or helicopter to an island.
  5. Roasting marshmallows underneath the stars!

Elopements can last a full day, and I highly recommend it! They should be filled with adventuring alongside your partner on the happiest day of your life! It is a once and a lifetime day, and I promise you are going to want to experience every second of it!

Sea Plane Intimate Wedding on Orca Wedding in Washington

Women reading man wedding vows Man reading women wedding vows Women reading man wedding vows on top of mountain Man reading women wedding vows Man and women on top of mountain Man and women in seaplane for elopement Man holding women in seaplane Man and women on seaplane for elopement Man and women in seaplane for elopement

I hope that this walkthrough of how to elope helped explain the perks a little better!

If you only remember one thing, let it be this:

Elopements are meaningful experiences that can happen anywhere. They are truly experiences that become an adventure. As an Elopement Photographer, I am devoted to helping you plan and create your special and intimate wedding day!


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