Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70’s Retro Wedding | Shannon & Evan


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October 27, 2021

This Industrial 70’s Retro Wedding will have you DYING to boogie at a groovy disco!

As a Wedding Photographer based in Arizona, I have had the chance to be a part of so many incredible experiences! Each and every marriage has an impact on me! However, Shannon and Evan’s funky wedding is easily one that I will talk about for years to come! It is now a core memory for me and my business! Make sure to keep reading to see why!

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding


Evan and Shannon are seriously the sweetest souls I have ever met! They are the most patient, kind, giving, and loving humans on Earth.

The way they love each other is truly unlike any other couple I have ever witnessed! They have so much life and love to give, especially for each other! When you see them together, it is just enough to melt the hardest of hearts! Even after postponing their wedding, they still chose to be positive, open-minded, and forgiving.

They are truly soulmates who love one another to the moon and beyond! They are each other’s person, and I think we all can look to them as couple goals!

Here’s a fun fact about them: they both have matching moon tattoos! This stands for the well-known saying, “to the moon and back!” To them, it means that they will love each other that much every single day for the rest of forever!


The Venue

Shannon and Evan got married at The 4 Eleven Venue downtown Fort Worth, TX. The building is a restored warehouse that was built in the 1920s. The owners have done such an amazing job with restoration and in creating a perfect place for events!

The industrial retro, white, brick walls inside captured the couple’s ceremony so beautifully! The 4 Eleven is just such a  fun and unique venue! The outside has a rustic feel with the addition of vines and out the foliage. The cocktail hour was actually held here!

Next door to the venue was an alleyway where I was able to capture the bride and groom during the beautiful Texan sunset with low hanging lights and graffiti, more rustic walls. The venue was able to capture the 70’s retro feeling the couple was aiming for!

The Decorations

If you got lost, all you needed to do was follow the call of the disco balls! Their funky vibes would tell you exactly where you needed to go!

For their florals, the couple when with a mix between wildflowers and fresh flowers! The colors included lots of yellows, oranges, reds, browns, and neutral tones! The colors really screamed, “MODERN DAY HIPPIE.”

Evan used to be in a rock band and is still so passionate about music! All of the names of the tables were named after his favorite singers and bands! Details like this made this wedding so fun to capture!

They topped their decor off with an old, retro Volkswagon that doubled as a photo booth for their guests! Honestly, it is safe to say, that it stole the show at this industrial 70’s retro wedding!

Boho Wedding Decor

The Wedding Attire

Every couple has a symbol that represents their relationship together. Evan and Shannon’s is a butterfly! To them, the butterfly resembles good luck and, they have held to it for their time together. They wanted to incorporate it into every aspect of their special day and added it into Evan’s shoes. I mean, can you say, “70’s RETRO” and “CHIQUE?”

Shannon’s dress was a Rue De Seine dress, my favorite dress designer who designs dresses with unique lace for the boho brides with a unique fashion. Her veil was also more a taupe color that went with the taupe dress. It was so unique! Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic, traditional white, but I love when a bride switches things up!

Man Holding Bride's Hand

The Special Details

Seeing Evan’s face when he saw Shannon for the first time during their first look, just about took my breath away! He was so nervous, and he held Shannon’s hands for a moment to calm his nerves.

He finally turned around and saw his soon-to-be wife and lost it! They even took a few more moments by themselves with nobody around to have a special moment together before they said, “I Do”.

Evan is from New Orleans, and he decided to add a fun little tradition!  His family, at the end of the night, brought out of the umbrellas and did the traditional umbrella dance! This dance signifies the “beginning of a new life together”.

It was so fun watching the crowd dance around the venue up and down the stairs singing, drinking, and dancing, and when I say crowd I mean everyone got up and followed in a line behind the bride and groom.

I love when weddings bring in traditions like the New Orleans umbrella dance, everyone joined in and made for fun photos to capture!

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding Attire for Bride

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding day details

Groom standing with Groomsmen

Bridemaids first look at retro bride

Bride and Bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets

Wedding Party at Industrial 70's Retro Wedding


Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

Each wedding I shoot, I learn something new! Groovy Industrial 70’s Retro Wedding made me realize how fun and exciting it is to add special details that resemble you as a couple!

All of those little things make for such a rad, funky, and fun wedding that everyone will remember! I mean, the more SPARKLE the better, AM I RIGHT?


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Vendor Shoutouts

Venue: @4elevenfw
Planning and Design: @cgweddingsdfw
Floral: @thekreativeconsultant
DJ: @forerunnerdfw
Cake: @butterflycakery
Hair: @teasetopleasehairandmakeup
Makeup: @southernveils
Rugs: @borrowedtreasurestx
Rugs, Accents, and Disco Balls: @emeraldgracedesigns
Wooden Backdrop:
Linens and Chargers: @royaleventrentals
Stationery: @mintedweddings
Catering and Bar: @gilscatering
Photo Bus: @rollingretroevents
Gown Shop: @aandbe_dallas
Suits: @menguintux
Sparklers: @usa_sparklers




Industrial 70's Retro Wedding

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