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Reasons to Have a Saguaro National Park Elopement


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November 24, 2021

Have you ever considered having a Saguaro National Park Elopement?

When I moved to Arizona, I was ecstatic to be able to shoot elopements in the incredible national park that is Saguaro. I mean, we are talking about a kid on Christmas levels of excitement.

Upon researching and experiencing the location, I realized that most people don’t truly understand the treasures that the area holds. Furthermore, it has become my goal to help those interested see just how amazing this national park is!

Are you looking for reasons to fulfill your dream of a desert elopement? Keep reading to find out more!

Man and women Kissing


As an elopement photographer who travels worldwide for work, Arizona has always been my favorite place! Seriously, I feel like nowhere else compares and that’s coming from a Washington girl.

The desert glow is mesmerizing, and I can’t help but be obsessed. That is when Saguaro National Park, enters the chat!

Although I love every location in Arizona, Saguaro is my favorite place to elope in the area! The warm hues, golden light, and green cacti have me swooning every single time!

It is simply a slice of Tucson Heaven.

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Easily Accessible

    • It is located right in Tucson, Arizona.
    • Most national parks require you to drive multiple hours just to get to the gold!
    • Saguaro National Park is literally located only 20 minutes from the Tucson, Airport. Click HERE to view the route.
    • There are two sides to Saguaro National Park: Saguaro West, and Saguaro East. Saguaro West is the most popular side of the park with more cactus everywhere and the Eastside feels more open with mountains in the distance.

All-year Availability

    • Unlike most destinations, Arizona is one of the only states where you can have a elope all year long!
    • The Desert is the perfect place for spring, summer, fall, and winter because the weather allows for you to elope at any time!

Unforgettable Landscape

    • I am not being dramatic when I say that there are cacti EVERYWHERE and they are beautiful!
    • There is something about the desert that attracts love, and I think it’s the sunsets! The sunsets in the Park are breathtaking and will leave you feeling like you’re in a dream!

Elopement Invitations

Man and women Kissing


    • The permit for Saguaro National Park is only $100!
    • All you need to do is fill out a special use permit to the National park Service, send in your money and the park will issue a permit. The process is fairly easy compared to most national parks. Click HERE to check out the application information.

Provides Intimacy

    • Compared to most national parks, Saguaro tends to have fewer visitors than most parks.
    • Since the park has an open landscape and two sides of the national park, there is room for more intimate locations to say your vows and have a wedding.
    • It might be the heat that scares people away, but we can’t complain when it sets the stage for a private elopement!

Honestly, Arizona is one of the few states that has a unique golden glow with its sunsets. If you ask me, they alone are enough to convince me of a Saguaro National Park Elopement!

Been thinking of a Saguaro National Park Elopement? Inquire HERE today and let’s get out to explore this natural beauty this desert has to offer together!


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An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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