Engagement Session at Saguaro Lake

Serene Saguaro Lake Engagement Session


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February 16, 2022

If I could, I would tell every single couple to consider having a Saguaro Lake Engagement Session. I mean, have you seen the Arizona desert? It is never shy and doesn’t mind showing off!

This particular session with Maddie and Adam was so serene and dreamy, and it just made me love Saguaro Lake even more! Plus, just being able to witness their deep, genuine love for each other was simply incredible.

Also, Maddie made a joke about just calling them “Maddam”, and it was my favorite thing.

Engagement Session at Saguaro Lake


How They First Met

The couple met 10 years ago when they lived in San Diego, California. They worked at Balboa Hospital together at the time.

Maddie ultimately decided to leave California and although she was going to miss everything and everyone, she was ready for a fresh start. However, on her last day in San Diego, Adam professed his love for her. Maddie was left SPEECHLESS. Not only was she moving the next day to Florida, but she also had a fiancé!

Maddie still moved and the two went on living separate lives for 6 years.

Adam eventually was stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi while Maddie was stationed in Pensacola, Florida. He was at work one day when he came across a poster where his long-lost love was front and center. Adam immediately took a trip to visit Pensacola.

Long story short, the timing was never right for them. Maddie either had a boyfriend or Adam had a girlfriend. That is, until November 2020…

When Adam Knew Maddie Was the One

Basically, Adam always knew she was the one for her.

In 2020, Adam discovered Maddie was single through Instagram. At the time, Adam was stationed in Naples, Italy, but he knew this was his chance to seize the opportunity he was waiting for for years.

He messaged Maddie saying, “I know this seems crazy, but I need to see you, and I want to give us a chance at love.

Adam flew back to the United States to visit Maddie during the holidays and that’s where the sparks started to fly and rekindle their love for each other again. They soon spent hours talking on the phone with each other, FaceTiming, and their love for each other only grew stronger.

They ended up doing the distance for another year while Adam finished out his deployment in Italy.

Unlike their story up until that point, everything about their love was easy.

How He Proposed

After dating, Adam got stationed back in San Diego. Maddie came to visit him for a weekend.

Before she landed, Adam had messaged her dad asking for her hand in marriage. Maddie’s dad said, “Love her, protect and be kind to her, and you will be my son too”.

Adam took Maddie to Coronado Island where he got one knee on the boardwalk where he asked for Maddie to be his wife and the rest is history — lucky for us, am I right?!


Maddie and Adam decided to do their engagements at Saguaro Lake, Arizona. Maddie wanted their pictures somewhere that had desert vibes with cacti and a serene lake.

Adam had never been to Arizona before, and Maddie spent 3 months in Arizona as a traveling nurse where she fell in love with the state. She wanted a place for their engagements that Adam had never been to so they could have a memory together that would last a lifetime.

Engagements can be more than just a photo session; it can be an adventure, a memory that you can remember forever to tip off the rest of your lives together.

Saguaro Lake, Arizona

Saguaro Lake is about 40 minutes from the Scottsdale area.

It is all preserved rolling hills covered with cacti. My favorite part? You literally see wild horses run free (we did see a group of wild horses on the drive which is pretty neat). The lake is hidden in the hills where it has a beautiful landscape view of tall mountainous rock sculptures overlooking the lake.

Maddie and Adam planned to Elope in Honolulu, Hawaii where they plan to say their vows together in private than have a party with all their friends and family. Stay tuned to see their epic elopement!

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HEY - I'm Annette!

An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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