two-day wedding at Alstrom Point, Lake Powell

5 Reasons to Have a Two-Day Wedding


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June 22, 2022

This two-day wedding is what every desert-loving couple dreams of for their wedding!

Traditional weddings just aren’t for everyone anymore and that is okay! After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, couples had to find creative ways to get married without violating any precautions that had been set into place.

As an elopement wedding photographer based in Arizona, my favorite trend to gain popularity is, “WEEKEND WEDDING INSTEAD OF JUST A WEDDING DAY.” Now, you can have those dreamy portraits on a cliff or in a National Park one day. The next day you can have a ceremony/party the next.

Want to see what it is like to have it all? Check out Jamie and Harrison’s two-day wedding for their Lake Powell Elopement at Alstrom Point.


Two-day wedding at Alstrom Point



The most important thing to know is those two-day weddings aren’t for everyone. Honestly, neither are traditional weddings! The best part about opting for this new form of marriage celebration is that you are able to tell your love story for two days instead of one!

If you ask me, your relationship deserves it.


More quality time with all your guests.


No stress with getting photos because there are multiple days for photos.


Since guests are already flying in, make a weekend out of it with fun activities planned for everyone to hang out and meet.


Both families can have a vacation together bonding because when will both families ever have the opportunity to go on a vacation together again.


The couple can take a day to themselves to have an intimate session somewhere where their party isn’t so they can still get those epic landscape shots



Activity Ideas for a “Wedding Weekend”

Make the actual wedding a day where people already know each other. It is also very important to mention that when you do have a weekend of wedding festivities, you really have to plan a schedule that makes your guests feel included for the weekend and have everything planned out.

People tend to feel more comfortable attending parties with more than one event or activity planned out for them.

Here are some ideas on what to plan for a weekend so all your guests can get to know everyone and hang out before the two-day wedding.


  • Booze Cruise
  • Welcome Party/Rehearsal Cocktails 
  • Happy Hour at a resort or restaurant bar to Meet & Greet
  • Beach Volleyball/an activity at a Hotel/ Resort
  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception
  • Goodbye Brunch
  • Tequila tasting/meet at a brewery/wine tasting
  • Go snorkeling for plan an adventure for everyone to do



Jamie and Harrison are from Texas and have always been drawn to the West! They are huge outdoor and adventure people who love to camp, hike, explore National Parks, and adventure in new areas.

The couple really wanted to elope somewhere with a rad view, but Harrison’s family really wanted a traditional wedding to celebrate. They settled between the idea of technically doing both; an epic outdoor ceremony overlooking a canyon and a wedding party with friends and family to celebrate.




Thursday of their wedding week, Jamie, Harrison, their dog, their immediate family, and I, drove up to Lake Powell from the Phoenix area. We started off with getting ready shots at Under the Canvas Lake Powell where they were staying for the night and captured their first look at their glamping campsite. We all then started our adventure to Alstrom Point which was about an hour and fifteen-minute drive from where they had their ceremony overlooking a canyon.

Friday, they all drove back to the Phoenix area where they had a rehearsal dinner with friends and family at a restaurant in the Scottsdale area.

Saturday, they had a wedding party with all their closest friends and family. They still got to relive little details of a wedding day. It was the perfect idea for a wedding weekend which makes it so fun for all friends and family! 



Jamie and Harrison wanted nothing to do with having a traditional wedding. They both have been to multiple friends’ weddings which made them steer even further away from big weddings.

Harrison proposed to Jamie at Alstrom Point which is why it was so special to share one of their favorite places with their favorite people. They wanted to have a wedding that was completely designed for who they are as a couple.

Harrison, Goose (their dog), and Jamie were looking to share their vows over a canyon.

Both their families have never been out West so they wanted to share this experience with everyone. Harrison’s best friend officiated them overlooking the canyon while they said their vows to each other.

It was the perfect intimate ceremony and trust me when I say, EVERYONE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS WEDDING CEREMONY!




Wedding days are known to go by super fast, so why not extend it to a two-day wedding celebration? Jamie and Harrison had their closest friends and family fly into town for a wedding celebration at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With the venue being located less than 10 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, it made it easy for guests to not have to rent a car and order short Ubers around the city. It was such a gorgeous venue spot overlooking Papago Mountain with its classic desert cactus terrain.

They had an open bar, buffet-style dinner, first dance in front of guests, wedding toasts, and more! Everyone got down on the dance floor and celebrated Jamie and Harrison all night long! It couldn’t have been a more perfect night in the desert!


I can help you design a package just for you where you can get all those dreamy wedding portraits! We can take an adventure the day before, even read some private vows just the two of you & capture the magic before your ceremony!

Inquire here for more details.


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HEY - I'm Annette!

An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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