Eloping at Peralta Regional Park in Gold Canyon: A Hidden Gem for Intimate Desert Ceremonies


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March 6, 2024

If you’re searching for a breathtaking yet undiscovered location for an intimate elopement, Peralta Regional Park in Gold Canyon, Arizona, might just be the perfect spot for you.

Nestled behind the majestic Superstition Mountains, this regional park opened its doors in January 2023 and has quickly become a haven for couples seeking a unique and picturesque setting for their special day.

Dani + Matt: My First Couple at Peralta Reginal Park

Dani and Matt chose Peralta Regional Park for their elopement, and their story adds a touch of magic to this hidden gem.

Fast forward 3 years, they went out for date night to celebrate their anniversary at the same bar where they had their first Bumble date at. Here is where Matt proposed.

Dani was absolutely surprised and kept asking, “IS THIS A JOKE?!” since it did happen to be April Fools Day!

Recapping Desert Elopement at Peralta Reginal Park

Customizing Their Day:

Dani reached out with a clear vision – high-quality photos capturing the essence of their elopement without the fuss of a full-day event.

This epitomizes the beauty of elopements!

With elopements, we can easily tailor them to fit the couple’s desires.

For Dani and Matt? Peralta Regional Park ended up offering the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony, surrounded by less than 10 of their closest loved ones.

The Ceremony and Celebration

The couple exchanged vows in the desert, with one of Dani’s childhood friends officiating the ceremony.

Following the heartfelt exchange, they enjoyed a delightful dinner with their favorite people. The very next day, Dani and Matt jetted off to Mexico to commence their union in style – a perfect blend of an intimate elopement and a dreamy honeymoon.

Eloping at Peralta Regional Park

Peralta Regional Park, situated on the backside of Superstition Mountains, stands out for its serene beauty, particularly during spring when wildflowers bloom.

Unlike more popular parks, Peralta remains a hidden gem, providing an intimate atmosphere for couples seeking a unique elopement destination. The park is also a haven for those looking to capture epic star-gazing photos, complete with a designated “Stargazing Node” and “Stargazing Trail.”

Best Time to Elope

For couples drawn to the wildflowers, mid-March to early April is the optimal time to exchange vows. However, the park’s beauty extends throughout February to May, offering mild weather that’s perfect for elopements.

With Arizona’s temperatures though, Peralta Regional Park provides a year-round elopement option.

Practical Information

Tthe park is about a 50-minute drive from South Scottsdale. It is located northwest of Florence Junction on the east side of the valley.

Day-use visitors are required to pay a $7 fee per vehicle. The passes can be purchased online HERE or on-site using a QR code at the park kiosks.

For more information, refer to the park map HERE

Peralta Regional Park in Gold Canyon emerges as a hidden paradise for couples seeking an intimate elopement surrounded by nature’s wonders.

Whether you’re looking for desert wildflowers, the serenity of the landscape, or the enchantment of star-studded nights, this park offers a unique canvas for your love story.


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HEY - I'm Annette!

An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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