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March 20, 2024

Your wedding day is full of SO MUCH emotion, love, and cherished moments. While digital photography captures the essence, there’s something truly magical about incorporating Super-8 Highlight Film into your wedding day.

Let’s explore why this vintage medium adds a unique charm to your special day.

Annette Ambrose Photography, Scottsdale, Arizona-based Wedding Photographer, explains how to add Super-8 Highlight Film to your special day.

3 Reasons Why Super-8 Highlight Films are a Must

ONE | Nostalgic Appeal

Super-8 film captures your wedding day with a nostalgic flair, reminiscent of classic home movies. It adds a timeless quality that enhances the romanticism of your love story.

TWO | Raw Emotion

Unlike digital videos, Super-8 film has an organic feel that authentically captures the raw emotions of your wedding day. Every smile, every tear, every moment is immortalized in its purest form.

THREE | Artistic Expression

Super-8 Highlight Films offers a creative avenue to showcase your wedding day. With its dreamy, nostalgic aesthetic, it transforms ordinary moments into cinematic masterpieces, allowing you to relive the magic again and again.

What Super-8 Video Film Offers On Your Wedding Day

Nostalgic 4k Resolution

Super-8 film captures your wedding day in a high-resolution format, ensuring every detail is preserved with clarity and precision.

2-3 Minute Highlight Video

Receive a beautifully curated highlight reel of your wedding day, showcasing the most memorable moments in a beautiful and captivating way.

Raw Super-8 Film Footage

In addition to the highlight video, you’ll also receive the raw Super-8 footage, allowing you to experience the unfiltered magic of your special day.

Easily share your Super-8 Highlight Film with friends and family, or download it to treasure forever.

Music-Set Video

Your highlight film is expertly set to music, further enhancing the emotional impact and storytelling aspect of your wedding day.

Understanding Super 8 Film Types

There are only a few film types for a super-8 camera and if you are using film, you do have to be cautious with your settings and lighting. 

Indoor Films

Choose from options such as 200T or 500T for capturing warm, indoor lighting. These films provide versatility and richness in color, perfect for intimate moments indoors.

Outdoor Films

Opt for 50D or 250D for outdoor settings, offering crispness and clarity in natural light. These films beautifully capture the vibrancy of outdoor scenes, adding depth and dimension to your footage.


250 is warmer in the colors, outside/inside usage  
200T is slightly blue outside and indoors, most versatile 
500T is inside only aka dancing indoors for a low-light evening setting

The “D” stands for Daylight 

Since these cameras don’t have a white balance, the D is the white balance. 

3 Tips for Incorporating Super-8 Film into Your Day

ONE | Communication is Key

Coordinate with your photographer/videographer to outline must-have moments for Super-8 coverage. Discuss your vision and preferences to ensure a seamless integration of film into your wedding day.

TWO | Consider a Second Photographer

If budget allows, enlist a second photographer to assist with Super-8 filming. This ensures comprehensive coverage of both photos and film, capturing every aspect of your special day.

THREE | Music Selection

Collaborate with your videographer to choose the perfect soundtrack for your highlight film. Whether you prefer a romantic ballad or an upbeat melody, the right music enhances the emotional impact of your footage.

Incorporating Super-8 Highlight Film into your wedding day elevates your memories to a cinematic level, preserving the essence of your love story timelessly and nostalgically.

Embrace the magic of Super-8 and relive the romance of your special day for years to come.

Ready to Add Super-8 to Your Wedding?

Contact me to learn more about our Super-8 Highlight Film packages and how we can capture the essence of your wedding day in a truly magical way.

Let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

Remember, film is not dead—it’s alive with the beauty of your love story.

Check out my film guide HERE.
I send this to all of my couples who are interested in booking film!


Wedding Film Photography: Why Should You Incorporate Into Your Special Day

Venue: The Phoenix Icehouse
Photographer: Annette Ambrose Photography
Wedding Design + Lighting: Cloth & Flame
Catering: Angelino Scorzo 
Dress: Lovely Bride

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HEY - I'm Annette!

An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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