Jamie & Nathaniel’s adventurous engagement photos at Mount Hood, Oregon were a freaking blast. I love mountain engagement photos so much and Mount Hood is one of the best Oregon locations for them!

These two wanted their engagement photos to be super playful, fun, and carefree. The snow provided the perfect environment for that! We went up to the mountains together and played around in the snow, even though it was freezing cold – I guess that’s what you get for doing your session in the snowy mountains.


mount hood in the winter guy giving fiance piggy back ride couple holding hands with wedding rings on couple walking in the snow

Winter Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

Mount Hood is one of my favorite spots for Oregon engagement photos! The mountain backdrop is just so gorgeous all year-round. In the winter, the snowy white background is hard to beat. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what are you supposed to wear for a freezing cold session in the snow? I’ve got you covered!

Jamie and Nathaniel are great examples to look at. Jamie wore a super stylish and cute (and warm!) beige coat over a beige sweater, with orange pants to accent her outfit. Nathaniel wore classic jeans and a blue and black checkered flannel. Their orange and blue pairing was perfect, since those two colors look awesome next to each other in general. And they also totally popped against the white snow!

If you’re having your engagement photos taken in the snow, be sure not to wear any white or any neutral shades that are too light. You don’t want to blend in with the snow! Hats are always a great way to accessorize your outfit and accent it with a certain color. And winter boots are a must for snowy sessions, obviously!



couple running in the snow at mount hood girl kissing fiance on the cheek couple dancing in the snow couple dancing around in the snow couple holding hands in the snow couple kissing in front of mount hood couple kissing and showing engagement ring couple snuggling in the snow couple laughing and walking in the snow couple hugging in the snow double exposure of couple in the snow couple in the snow with snowman


Overall this session was so fun with these two and I can’t wait to do more engagement photos at Mount Hood! Books yours here and let’s make it happen! 😉




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