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Playful Couples Photos in Jackson Hole Wyoming


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February 12, 2021

Not only do I have super fun couples photos for you in this post – I also have a ton of info about Jackson Hole Wyoming!

I love visiting Jackson Hole so much and getting to hang with Abbie & Katie made my most recent trip even better. It was so cold on our shoot day that we had to figure out a way to keep warm. So we went to a local liquor store in town called Spirits & Spice. It had all sorts of handcrafted liqueurs with super fun flavors like s’mores creme, melon creme, Cinnamon Toast Crunch creme, and more! Abbie & Katie got drinks to sip on during our shoot, and we had a blast exploring all around Jackson Hole.

Keep reading for a bunch of good info about visiting Jackson Hole Wyoming!

couple popping champagne couple walking down street in jackson hole

The Basics of Visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming

First, you need to know how to get to Jackson Hole! You’ll need to keep in mind that it’s hard to fly into Jackson Hole in the winter. Since Jackson Hole is literally located in the mountains, planes can’t land when it snows too badly, as visibility gets super low that high up.

When we flew in recently, we actually got diverted into Boise because the snow was so bad! We learned that when they have snowstorms, they shut down the airport for as long as the storm lasts. Because of that, you need to definitely plan for flexibility when planning your trip to Jackson Hole!

The airport is super tiny, with only a couple of gates. It’s 15 minutes from town and is actually in the Grand Teton National Park, so the view is absolutely beautiful when you’re flying in. It’s definitely my favorite airport to fly into because of the views and the small size.

couple running around in snow couple hugging and kissing in snow

Where to do a Photoshoot in the Winter Around Jackson Hole

If you’re a photographer, Jackson Hole is a fantastic place to visit. And if you yourself are wanting photos done in Jackson Hole, you’ve chosen a great location! But you definitely need to know where to go and how to navigate the town’s winter weather.

In the Grand Teton National Park, the roads are mainly all closed in the winter, except for the Moose Entrance that you can drive up all the way to Jenny Lake. From Jenny Lake on, you can snowshoe. There’s so much snow in the winter that you can’t even drive to Yellowstone from the park!

Here are some great places to do a photoshoot in the wintertime around Jackson Hole:


couple hugging in snow couple holding hands and walking in the snow couple hugging and smiling


What to Pack for Cold Winter Photoshoots

You’ll also need to know what to bring to a freezing cold winter photoshoot and how to make it work. Bringing the right snow & winter gear is a must!

Keep in mind that there’s also so much snow that you may need to rent a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive car to drive to Jackson Hole in the winter!

Here’s my quick winter photoshoot packing list:

  • Warm jackets
  • Layers layers layers
  • Thick gloves
  • Hand warmers
  • Quality snow boots
  • A hot drink (if you want)


couple hugging in snow couple laughing and hugging couple dancing around in snow


Where to Eat in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Finally, let’s get to the good stuff – where to eat and drink in Jackson Hole! No matter what you’re in town for (work, a photoshoot, a vacation, etc.), you’ll need to know the best local spots to hit up when you’re hungry.

Here’s a list of my faves:


couple hugging and kissing couple holding hands and dancing in snow couple hugging and kissing in snowy park


And that’s it for all my Jackson Hole tips and recommendations. Now enjoy the rest of Abbie & Katie’s fun, snowy gallery!


couple popping champagne in snow couple drinking champagne in snow couple smiling and hugging in snow couple holding hands couple standing in snow couple holding hands and running through snow couple cuddling and smiling



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