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Moody Oregon Coast Elopement at Hug Point State Park


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April 9, 2021

You cannot go wrong eloping on the Oregon Coast – trust me. The coast is so magical that anywhere you go and no matter what the weather’s like, you’re going to end up with a stunning place to celebrate with your partner. Ready to see Shoshawna & Mark’s moody Oregon Coast elopement at Hug Point State Park??


+ keep reading for a ton of great information: where to elope on the Oregon Coast, when to elope on the coast, & Airbnb’s to stay at for your elopement!

couple standing at hug point

Shoshawna & Mark

These two were a blast to hang out with on a moody day at the Oregon Coast. Shoshawna wore the most insane dress from Off White Bride that featured a strapless design and a massive fluffy bottom. It was the most fun to play with while they walked on the beach! She also carried a beautiful beige-toned, bohemian bouquet designed by Simply Crafted Floral that reallyyyy meshed well with the neutral color palette of Hug Point’s beach & rocks.


Let’s get into some good stuff you should know about eloping on the Oregon Coast!! I’m going to include how far each location is from Portland, since that’s a good city to use as a reference point that most people will know.

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Where to Elope on the Oregon Coast

Like I said above you really can’t go wrong eloping on the Oregon Coast! There are so many beautiful options along the coast, so I’ve got a list of a few you should definitely check out if you want to have an Oregon Coast elopement:


1. Hug Point – 1.5 hrs from Portland

Obviously that’s where this gallery takes place! Hug Point is near Cannon Beach and is popular for its big rocks and its pretty waterfall. It also has a good amount of forested area if you want a spot with greenery overlooking the ocean!


2. Cape Kiwanda – 1 hr 50 min. from Portland

If you’ve ever seen photos of those huge orange rocks and hills on the coast, you likely saw photos of Cape Kiwanda! It’s in Pacific City and has the most beautiful orange rocks and tidepools.


3. Cannon Beach – 1.5 hrs from Portland

One of the most popular tourist locations on the coast is Cannon Beach, which is where Haystack Rock is located! (that big haystack-shaped-rock you’ve probably seen in photos and paintings) Cannon Beach is beautiful, but can often be crowded with tourists especially by Haystack Rock, since there are lots of resorts and hotels along that part of the coast. It’s a fun place to spend the 4th of July (the town has a parade + lots of beach fireworks) if you’re looking for a little summer getaway too!


4. Ecola State Park – 1.5 hrs from Portland

Ecola State Park is near Cannon Beach and near the town of Seaside. The park has a ton of opportunities for hiking and super pretty trails, so if you and your partner are hikers, definitely consider Ecola for your elopement.


5. Short Sand Beach – 1 hr 35 min. from Portland

Short Sand beach is located on the northern part of the Oregon Coast and is a popular spot for surfing. This beach also offers lots of hiking opportunities, and is accessible by a short trail from the parking lot.


6. Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor – 6 hrs 10 min from Portland

This corridor is wayyy down on the southern end of the coast, pretty far from Portland and near Brookings, OR. It’s got gorgeous rock formations and many different viewpoints you can access when visiting. Hikers will love this spot, too!

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When to Elope on the Oregon Coast

Since the Oregon Coast has such a variety of weather (most commonly overcast/rainy), it’s important to choose a good time of year for your Oregon Coast elopement! Many of the beaches I mentioned above are popular for visitors and can become busy on weekends, especially around holidays. If possible, choose a weekday for your elopement to avoid as much of a crowd of tourists as you can (unless you want them watching your elopement + photobombing everything).

If you REALLY want to avoid the crowd and don’t mind being chilly, have your Oregon Coast elopement in the wintertime! It’ll be much colder and windier, but is best if you want to have as private an elopement as possible.

couple kissing on beach bride and groom running on beach bride laying on groom's lap orange bridal bouquet bride and groom sitting on beach couple celebrating elopement

Oregon Coast Airbnb’s to Stay At

Here are some cute & cozy Airbnb’s you can stay at in different coastal towns along the Oregon Coast! Make a weekend out of your elopement, whether it’s just the two of you or you + your best buds:

bride and groom running into ocean


I hope this article helped you brainstorm for your Oregon Coast elopement – reach out & I’d love to help you plan specifically for yours!!


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An Arizona based Wedding, Elopement & Couple's Photographer. I am here for the wild, messy and imperfect moments. Let me help you create an experience that will last a lifetime.


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