Annette Ambrose Photography, a Phoenix, Arizona wedding photographer, highlights a new modern wedding venue in the east valley of Phoenix called Modern Moments.

Annette Ambrose Photography, a Phoenix, Arizona wedding photographer, highlights a new modern wedding venue in the east valley of Phoenix called Modern Moments.

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing the perfect venue is often the first and most crucial step. With so many factors to consider, such as budget, aesthetics, and location, finding the ideal setting can be challenging. However, if you’re seeking a modern, minimalistic wedding space in the East Valley of Phoenix, look no further than Modern Moments.

This brand-new wedding venue opened in the spring of 2023 and offers a unique and intimate experience that sets it apart from the traditional cactus-filled desert weddings commonly found in Arizona.

So, let me tell you are little more as to WHY YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO IT!

An Arizona Hidden Gem: Modern Moments Wedding Venue

A hidden gem tucked away in Gilbert, Arizona, Modern Moments is a half-acre outdoor venue that caters to couples looking for an intimate space for their reception, rehearsal, or other wedding events. It’s contemporary design and minimalist charm make it an ideal choice for micro weddings and intimate gatherings.

With a sprawling green lawn for ceremonies and a dedicated area for receptions, Modern Moments provides a versatile and picturesque backdrop for your special day.

The Benefits of Booking with Modern Moments

One of the standout advantages of choosing Modern Moments as your wedding venue is the inclusion of a professional wedding and event planner with every event package. Having a planner by your side ensures that your wedding day runs smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment without the stress of managing the details.

From coordinating vendors to handling logistics, a dedicated planner takes care of the nitty-gritty, leaving you free to savor the magic of your wedding day.

Annette Ambrose Photography, a Phoenix, Arizona wedding photographer, highlights a new modern wedding venue in the east valley of Phoenix called Modern Moments.

The Perfect Example

Molly and Max, a couple who met in PT school, opted for a six-hour package at Modern Moments for their wedding celebration.

Family and friends flew in from Oregon and Canada to join the festivities, making this a week-long affair filled with love and joy. To ensure that every cherished moment was captured, the couple collaborated with their photographer to create a detailed family photo checklist, ensuring that they didn’t miss any precious memories.

Crafting the PERFECT Timeline for Your Wedding at Modern Moments

For couples considering a six-hour wedding package, a well-planned timeline is essential to make the most of the limited time.

Here’s an example timeline that perfectly illustrates how to structure a six-hour wedding day at this new Phoenix wedding venue, Modern Moments:

1:00 pm – Bridal party, Molly’s family, and Molly ready and at the venue
1:30 pm – Photographer arrives; Molly, bridesmaids, and family photos commence
2:10 pm – Molly inside for photos before Max
2:15 pm – Max, groomsmen, and Powiada family photos; Madalyn stays outside for family photos
3:00 pm – Max and Molly hid inside the venue; first guest arrives; detail shots of the venue and rings 3:30 pm – Ceremony begins
4:00 pm – Cocktail hour starts; signing of the marriage license
4:05 pm – Group photos of the bridal party and family
4:45 pm – Max and Molly take photos alone (if time permits)
5:00 pm – Bridal party, Max, and Molly enter the venue before introductions
5:15 pm – Bridal party introduction
5:20 pm – Max and Molly’s first introduction as a married couple
5:30 pm – Dinner commences
6:15 pm – Toasts begin
6:50 pm – Max and Molly’s first dance
6:55 pm – First dance with parents
7:00 pm – The dance party starts; Max and Molly take sunset photos
7:30 pm – Photographer departs; Max and Molly return to the party
9:45 pm – Last call
9:55 pm – DJ plays the last song
10:00 pm – Max and Molly depart
10:30 pm – Venue Closes

When everyone was eating dinner, I got to take Molly and Max away for a few minutes. During sunset (golden hour), we took their bridal portraits just themselves.

With having a spring wedding in Arizona, the day can be constantly bright. So, it’s important to always leave sometime in the wedding schedule for bridal portraits at golden hour. I usually recommend couple take their portraits while everyone is eating or before all the speeches start.

If you are ever wondering about your wedding timeline, I am here to help with any questions and send you any timelines for ideas!

Remember, every wedding is designed to fit the needs of the couple! Prioritize what is the most important details for your day and build around that time. On the photographer’s end of planning, I usually plan around golden hour time because that time is the most important for those golden crisp photos! 


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