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Planning a Sedona Hiking Elopement


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February 23, 2022

If you like an adventure then this blog is for you. Planning a Sedona Hiking Elopement can be difficult, but I will do my best to walk you through each and every aspect.

Your elopement deserves to be just as special as your relationship.

Sedona Hiking Elopement


Sedona, Arizona is located two hours (115.9 mi) north of the Pheonix area.

The city of Sedona is designated as one of the world’s 8 blackout cities.

It is also a destination where you can go for a hike and say your vows somewhere private and have an intimate ceremony just the two of you. You can make an experience out of your wedding while hiking somewhere with epic views. There are a lot of options in Sedona for hikes. There are over 250 trails and loops that Sedona has to offer.

FUN FACT: In Sedona, you don’t need a permit to get married (at least for right now).

One of my favorite things about Sedona is it is easy for friends and family to get to if you wanted to include them in your elopement celebration.

Wedding Flatlay for Sedona Hiking Elopement


Sedona has a lot of rocky dirt roads where you need to rent a car that had big tires or rent a jeep.

You can’t get to a lot of the areas if you don’t have a jeep. It makes it even more fun for the adventure to rent a jeep and go off-roading in an area that isn’t overpopulated because if you don’t have a big car that’s lifted, you won’t be able to get there.

  • Pack plenty of food and water for when you go hiking
  • Plan for the heat in the summer. It doesn’t get as hot as the Phoenix area, but it still gets pretty heated! Plus, it is a very dry heat!

Sedona Hiking Elopement at Cathedral Rock

Science Behind Sedona’s Rocks

The mineral composition of the red rocks creates a magnetism that has an impact on people.

It gives off electrifying energy that people can feel leading you to create your own Sedona adventure. The land will reward you with special moments and experiences that are magical. CAN THIS BE AN EVEN BETTER PLACE TO ELOPE AT NOW?

Hiking Related Activities for Your Sedona Elopement

Bride and Groom reading Vows at Sedona Hiking Elopement in Arizona

Top 4 Favorite Hikes to Elope in Sedona

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock Trail is an upward trail about 1 mile to the top.

It is a moderate hike in that you do have to climb rocks for certain parts.

Cathedral Rock has an iconic ledge that is perfect for sunset pictures and an area right for you to get to the ledge to say vows. It is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona but the views are AMAZING.

PRO TIP: Plan to wait for parking. Since it is one of the most popular hikes, parking can be difficult to find because there isn’t a big parking lot. I highly recommend a sunrise elopement at this location if you want your Sedona hiking elopement to be here.

Bell Rock

Bell rock is about .75 miles long to get to the vortex and the whole loop is about and there are about 4 different hikes within with two different parking lots.

It is considered an easy trail and just a loop around the rock with views on every angle of the hike.

It is the first destination you pass and see when you arrive in Sedona. This is probably the second most populated hike but there is a bigger ground to cover so there are more areas to have more private sessions to elope.

Merry Go Round

You definitely need a jeep if you want to go to Schnebly Hill Vista Overlook.

You can Hike into Merry Go Round parking at the Munds Wagon trail, but after the parking lot, it’s all dirt roads that most cars can’t drive into. If you start your hike at Munds Wagon trail, it is 6.4 miles out and back.

It is a moderate path of mostly straight ways. This hike isn’t as populated as any of the other hikes because of the length or the use to have a jeep accessible.

If you want more of a private ceremony, highly recommend this hike.

Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge is about 3.9 miles out and back.

The views of Devil Bridge are just jaw-dropping with the backdrop of the red rocks.

It is a moderate hike with more up hills. During popular seasons, it is more a popular hike with a view. There is an area you can go off-roading by if you wanted to rent a jeep and escape the trail to somewhere private.

Why Sedona is My Favorite Place for Elopements

I know this might sound fuffy and weird, but Sedona has vortexes that are natural geometric points that create healthy and good energy on the earth’s surface.

You could be reading this and roll your eyes and immediately just skip over this part BUT it is a natural act as an amplifier and makes you stronger on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

It is proven that people feel especially happy in Sedona and gain a better understanding of who they are or where they are going in life. To have your wedding in a sacred place, saying your vows to spend the rest of your life to your person, can it get any more special than that?

Sedona is made up of 4 vortexes; Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.

Visiting a vortex is just another unforgettable experience in Sedona on your elopement day feeling the physical connection and love while you commit to your partner.

Sedona Hiking Elopement in the Arizona Desert

If you are considering eloping in Sedona, I would love to help you plan your day and help you decide which is the perfect hike that fits best for you! I am very familiar with all the areas in Sedona, and I love being able to help couples plan the day that is right for them.

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