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Breathtaking Sedona Hiking Engagement Session in Arizona


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March 30, 2022

Anytime I get an Arizona inquiry, I know that I am going to be obsessing over it for months (probably years) to come. However, this breathtaking Sedona Hiking Engagement Session in Arizona has given me permanent “heart eyes.”

Sedona Hiking Engagement


Devin + Weston

Devin and Weston both work as physicians. They met during their residency in Dallas. DID SOMEONE SAY, “GREY’S ANATOMY?!” They shared a patient who they were pretty sure had either an ovarian mass or appendicitis. Weston ended up taking that patient to the operating room and found that it was a little bit of both — her appendix was being irritated by an ovarian cyst! She had Devin come to the OR to evaluate the issue at hand. From there, the rest was history!

Weston found that Devin was sweet, attentive, smart, and had the most gorgeous blue eyes. He loved when he caught her peeking at him from over the top of her mask.

They both ended up graduating from residency. Devin stayed in Dallas for her fellowship in Maternal-Fetal. Weston had to move to Richmond, Virginia for his fellowship in Surgical Oncology. At the end of Summer 2022, they will finally be graduating and moving to California where Weston is starting for the United States Air Force.

The Romantic Proposal

They were in Weston’s hometown, Tempe, for a wedding. He booked a room at the Hermosilla Inn for them to have a romantic getaway. Little did Devin know that this getaway was going to be absolutely relationship (and life) changing!

They drove to Sedona for a day hike near Cathedral Rock. However, West Clear Creek was pretty busy and they couldn’t get across. Weston didn’t let that stop him, though! He found a road that took them to the base of Cathedral Rock. Together, they hiked up to a spot that overlooked the famous, rock! He set up his tripod and while they were taking photos, he proposed!

They went back to Paradise Valley where he had his family set up a room with flowers, champagne, and a charcuterie board (Weston has GREAT taste)! The following day they returned home to my parent’s house. He had secretly had her friends and family come into town to surprise her!

Sedona Hiking Engagement Session


With having Weston’s family all still living in Tempe, it was easier to escape for a weekend getaway to come to Arizona to capture their engagements.

They wanted to capture their engagements in a place that was meaningful and special to them. With that being said, what better option than a Sedona hiking engagement session?! They are both active outdoors people and both onboard with hiking to Cathedral Rock!

We ended up going to the exact location first where Weston popped down on one knee, Lovers Knoll, in Sedona to capture some photos first before the hike. Then we drove to Cathedral Rock Trailhead and started the hike to the top.

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the top (taking breaks to try not to sweat the makeup off). The hike is about 1.2 miles out and back ranging from about 30 to 45 minutes to get to the top. The middle of the trail can kind of be a little bit more difficult because you are climbing up rocks with both hands to get up.

Once we got to the top, the view was totally worth it; we had a perfect sunset for the evening.

Landscape for Sedona Hiking Elopement in Arizona

Engagement Rings for Sedona Hiking Elopement in Arizona

Sedona, Arizona


Weston and Devin are planning to have a little pre-wedding ceremony at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale before their big wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

With Covid and all the restrictions in the state these last couple of years, the couple decided to have a little intimate ceremony with all their closest friends and family then have their official big Catholic wedding in San Antonio in December. They definitely get the best of both worlds having an adventure session for their engagements, an intimate wedding in Scottsdale, and a big Wedding with all friends and family in December!


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