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July 20, 2022

Sedona Wedding Venues are known as some of the best in the United States.

Whether you are having a bigger wedding or simply just eloping among the red rocks, Sedona, Arizona has so many options for you. These wedding venues are absolutely beautiful and will have you dreaming of a desert wedding. I promise!

Let’s get you married in one of these Sedona Wedding Venues!

Top Sedona Wedding Venues

Sedona Wedding Venues

Sedona is simply one of the most unique places in the world. The magic comes right from the rocks, and it creates incredible wedding days. Here is a list of my favorite wedding venues in Sedona if you are looking for Sedona Wedding Venues.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

Looking for a Tuscany wedding, but you don’t want to travel to Italy? It looks like a venue from the Italian Riviera but is located in the heart of Sedona!

With its cobblestone walkways and vine-covered stucco walls, it is one of the best locations in town. It’s easy for guests to stay right there in various accommodations.

Tlaquepaque has four different venue options. There is the Chapel, Calle Independencia, Patio De Las Campanas, and Terrace at Patio Del Norte.

The above image is taken from the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village website,
and was captured by Andrew Holman

Red Agave Resort

A cute boutique resort located right on the main road when your first drive into Sedona, It is right across from Bell Rock.

There are private areas you can take wedding photos if you don’t want to walk over to Bell Rock and experience the crowds.

It is kid-friendly, has a pool, and is a great location for hiking, stargazing, and more.

For weddings, if you have more than 30 guests, the resort has you book out the full resort with rooms starting at $179 a night.

The above image is taken from Here Comes the Guide
and was captured by Suzy Goodrick Photography

Enchantment Resort

This is an exclusive resort in Sedona with breathtaking views overlooking Boynton Canyon.

It’s located right in the middle of the red rocks with no bad views anywhere you turn. 

There are four areas at the resort you can get married; Enchantment Circle, Wedding Knoll, Village Terrace, and Boynton Canyon Grounds. There are both indoor and outdoor options for your wedding. This is a one-stop shop including planning, decor, food, etc.

The above image is taken from the Enchantment Resort website.
The photographer is unknown.

L’Auberge de Sedona

Searching for a hotel venue located right smack in the center of the town? You have found it!

There are both indoor and outdoor event spaces such as the Monet Ballroom, the Garden Lawn, Creekhouse, and the famous SpiritSong Terrace.

The SpiritSong Terrace is the ideal location with the red rocks in the backdrop and the view overlooking Snoopy Rock and a big lawn area to seat guests.

The above image is taken from the L’Auberge de Sedona.
The Photographer is unknown.

Amara Resort and Spa

Located right next door to L’ Auberge de Sedona, it has the same view overlooking Snoopy The Rock downtown Sedona, but for a smaller group of people.

It’s a smaller more modern boutique resort with an outdoor courtyard overlooking the Red Rocks.

If you are having a smaller, intimate wedding, this venue is perfect for you; you can’t get a better location in town with this view!

The above image is taken from an article published in
The Telegraph. The photographer is unknown.

Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Golf Resort is located right in Oak Creek and is surrounded by the views of Cathedral and Bell Rock in the distance.

The resort offers a stunning view of the red rocks, a beautiful green golf course, and a great location in town for everyone to gather.

There are elopement packages, brunch weddings, and wedding day packages up to 150 guests.

The above image is taken directly from the Sedona Golf Resort website.
The photographer is unknown.


Sedona is one of the most beautiful destinations in Southwest Arizona. With its red rocks, vortexes, vineyards, hiking trails, and more, it is definitely a spot to be reckoned with!

There are a million reasons why Sedona might be the perfect wedding destination. However, here is my list of reasons why I think Sedona is perfect for couples other than the incredible Sedona Wedding Venues.

ONE | It’s a cheaper wedding destination located in the continental United States
just 2 hours North of Phoenix, Arizona

TWO | The weather is always amazing and sunny (no bad days)

THREE | This spot is a spiritual town so the positive energy is high

FOUR | There are a lot of activities for your family and friends of all ages

FIVE | It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway

SIX | The possibilities are endless for new experiences and adventures

Adventurous Activities for Your Sedona Wedding

Most people who plan a destination wedding or a weekend wedding weekend, take the full weekend to hang out with their friends and families and plan events to celebrate. It’s the perfect way for both families to bond and a way to plan ideas for your guests if they don’t take the time to research the city.

I highly recommend making an activity itinerary for your guests. Not only does it keep your time organized, but it also makes your guests excited! Traveling is tough, and it is important to help them feel comfortable!


Pink Jeep Tours

Wine Tasting



Hot Air Ballooning

Hiking and exploring the town

Discover and find the vortexes

Star gaze tours

Visit the Grand Canyon

Brewery Tour in Nearby Town

Helicopter Flights


As a wedding and elopement photographer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I like to think that have never been a stranger to incredible fairytale weddings full of adventure.

The thing is, Sedona, Arizona creates a completely different vibe for weddings. IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE TO WITNESS FIRSTHAND.

Having picked up my business and moved it to the greater Sedona area, it has quickly become one of my favorite locations in the United States. There just isn’t anything like it! The desert has made a special impact on my heart, and I am lucky to get to show couples the beauty I live and breathe in.

My question to you is… Why not get married in a beautiful destination with stunning landscapes that make you feel like you have taken a rocketship to MARS.


If you are thinking you want more of an elopement-style wedding vs having a wedding venue in Sedona, here are some links that you might find helpful.

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