Superstition Mountains, Arizona

This Southwest Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains has further reminded me just how freaking cool love is! If you need a little reminder, make sure to read through this entire blog for some inspiration!

Southwest Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains


Alex and Conner, the stars of this Southwest Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains, are from the gorgeous state of Colorado.

They wanted their engagement location to be meaningful to their love and relationship. They contemplated many options, but they ultimately decided on Arizona for a couple of reasons. The first was that every year, their family goes on vacation to Arizona. The second was that the wedding has a southwest vibe since it’s going to be in New Mexico this fall. The last reason was that they love the cacti sprinkled deserts that Arizona offers.

FUN FACT ABOUT THE COUPLE: Alexandria works as a wedding videographer while Conner works as a wedding bartender for a catering company in Colorado. It was so fun getting to capture them because they both work in the wedding industry but yet have never had a photo session taken before.

Engaged Couple running while holding hands at southwest engagement session the the superstition mountains

Southwest Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains

THE DREAMY LOCATION: Superstition Mountains

After brainstorming location specifics, we ended up choosing a location that was just right outside of Phoenix. This location is known as the Superstition Mountains. It has a gorgeous landscape view of a mountain range surrounded by cacti on all sides.

The Superstition Mountains just so happen to be my favorite location in Arizona for photo sessions. The classic cactus vibe is just jaw-dropping. I like to explain the Superstition Mountains as a closer Sedona location with neutral colors instead of the red rock colors.

These mountains are one of the most widely known places in Arizona to photograph, and it is about 45+ miles from the Phoenix area. The Superstition Mountains is located in Gold Canyon and has an amazing scenic drive once you drive out there.


The couple couldn’t have done a better job at picking out the perfect colors to go against the gorgeous desert backdrop. Conner wore blue jeans, a white shirt, and a brown hat. Alexandria wore a white boho dress for the first half of their session and then changed into a purple and pink boho dress towards the end. The desert colors are neutral with greens, yellows, oranges, and purples when the sun goes down. These colors matched her purple dress with the orange sunset.

Picking outfits for engagement sessions, especially in the desert, can make (or break) a photo. The goal is to not have too much going on with the outfits. YOU DO NOT WANT TO OVERPOWER THE BACKDROP. If one partner is in a decorative pattern, the other partner needs to be in a solid color. If one partner is in a dark color, the other needs to be in a lighter color. The only exception is if you want to do all murdered out (both in all black attire) which looks very sleek.

PRO TIP: When I begin working with my couples, I always tell them that they can text me if they need outfit help. Outfits can be everything about how the colors edit and how the tones turn out. Being in sync with what your partner chooses is very important.


During this Southwest Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains, you could tell how in love they were with each other.

Their connection and adoration for one another stood out instantly. It was adorable seeing how Conner kept kissing Alexandra all over and loving on her.

The raddest part of their session was during golden hour! We had the most magical sunset surprised us with bright yellow and orange colors giving off sun-flares. Honestly, it felt like nature’s way of illustrating Alex and Conner’s feelings. We also popped a couple of bottles of champagne in the session which is one of my favorite things to do with couples.

PRO TIP: Always bring a bottle or two to pop for your engagements. It’s a fun way to get everyone all loose and opened up and get the fun celebratory vibes going!

Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains

Alex and Conner’s love was so fun to capture during this Southwest Arizona Engagement Session in the Superstition Mountains. I can’t wait to see and experience more during their wedding!

Curious about having your engagements in the Superstition Mountains? GET IN TOUCH HERE. Let’s get to planning your photos!

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